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History and Mission

Greg Potzer

This Day's Thought was started in January of 2000 with its mission being to offer Christian encouragement and inspiration to those in need. The ministry is administered by Greg Potzer with the significant help from many volunteers. This Day's Thought is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The seeds for this ministry were planted some 40 years ago, when Greg, as an avid reader, started to save helpful thoughts and quotations on 3x5 cards per his mother's suggestion. This collection now serves as the foundation from which that segment of each day's message prayerfully begins.

This Day's Thought, This Day's Verse (from varying Bible versions) and an occasional This Day's Smile are all contained in one e-mail that we deliver, Monday through Friday. On Sunday, we send This Week's Sermon, as shared by various "visiting" pastors.

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